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Indoor Artworks

Viewings by appointment at the Isaac Weston Art Gallery - Matua, Tauranga

Free local delivery. Installation service available (Tauranga/Mount).

summer rain copper artwork.jpg
Copper Artwork Summer Rain 1200 x 780.png

Wall Art  1200 x 780mm

Copper/patina on plywood

"Summer Rain"


Art Circle 900mm

Copper/patina on plywood

"Northern Lights"


Northern Lights copper wall art.png
Northern Lights 1mt.png
Immersion art panel 780x 840mm.png
Immersion Copper wall art 780mmx 840mm.png

Wall Art 780 x 840mm

Copper/patina on plywood



Art Circle 670mm

Copper/patina on plywood



voyage art circle.png
Tides Copper Artwork 1mt.png
Tides Copper Patina Art Circle 90cm.png

Art Circle 1000m

Copper/patina on plywood



Art Circle 1200mm

Copper/patina on plywood



elemental 1.2mt copper art circle 1.png
Elemental 1.2mt copper art circle room.png
vibrance 1.2mts.png

Art Circle 1200mm

Copper/patina on plywood



vibrance copper art circle 1.2mts.png
alchemy 1.2t copper patina articrcle.png
alchemy 1.2t.png

Art Circle 1200mm

Copper/patina on plywood



Art Circle 900mm

Copper/patina on plywood



Iridescence Copper Art circle 90cm green.png
Iridescence 90cm copper artcircle.png
_sunset copper art circle 1200mm no background (2).png
sunset copper art circle 1200mm.png

Art Circle 1200mm

Copper/patina on plywood



Oval Wall Art 

1500mm x 750mm

Copper/patina on plywood

"The Reef"

Can be hung vertically and horizontally


The Reef copper art oval.png
The Reef copper art oval .png
1.2mt june 2022 .png
Copper wall art circle

Art circle 1200mm

Copper/patina on plywood



Mt rectangle office wall.png
rectangle Mount.png

Home, land and sea

1200 x 450mm

Copper/patina/steel on Plywood


river 1.png
rivers I.png

Wall Art - Rivers I

800 x 600mm

Copper/patina on Plywood


Whale Tail - Copper+Patina

Wall mounted.

approx 700-800mm x 500mm 


whale tail 80cm 2.png
whale tail 80cm 1.png
whale tail 2 .png

Mt Maunganui Art Circles on wood backing 

Steel + Copper patina design

500mm $450 / 900mm $900 / 1.2mts $1300

Suitable for indoors only. Contact us for a custom size or landscape design.

mt round 10 large wood backing.png
Mt art circles indoor - 90cm and 50cm .png
_Mt art circles indoor - 1.2mts.png
mt round  wood backing.png
mt round wood bcaking.png
whale tail set.JPG
Copper and patina whale tails set of three.jpg

Whale tails - set of three. Can be wall mounted or free standing - $395 

Available in Copper or Copper + blue patina, Height: 15cm to 35cm (small to tallest)

kina fb post (1).png

Copper Kina - copper with patina/shiny copper. Assorted designs.

$350 - $495

Copper Tui 1.2mts
Copper Tui

Copper/Patina/Steel Tui . 

Available now 1200mm - $1350

Wall hung.

Custom sizing available and made to order - starting from 900mm - $1100

wood rectangle Mount 1 white house.png
wood rectangle Mount 2.png

Mauao I and Mauao II

600 x 340mm x 35mm

Copper inlaid into native wood

Blue or green/brown patina


Handcrafted Copper patina earrings . Assorted styles $68 - $75

Copper patina earrings
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