Recent Work/commissions

Copper and Patina Art Circle
Copper and Patina Whale Tail 3mts
copper panel totems
Reworkit Art Panel
Copper and Patina Circle
Garden Totems - Rustic
Patina blue circle
Large Copper Art Panel
Reworkit Copper coffee table
1.5mt Copper Art Circle
Reworkit copper totem
Copper Mt Round 1.2mt
Copper Wall art 1.4mt Circle
Copper Circle
Copper Planter
Copper and steel Mt Round outdoors
Garden Totems - Rustic
Copper art circle 900mm
garden mirror
Reworkit Garden totems
Copper R2D2
Reworkit mirror
Reworkit copper plant stands
Reworkit art panel
outdoor/indoor mirror
Custom copper letterbox
Wood and copper table art
Patina blue circle